• Who we are:

  • We are an all volunteer group from all over who want to help make Texas families whole again by reuniting owners with their lost dogs. We all believe we are helping people as well as animals. At a time when you may be emotionally at your lowest, you are tested by having to learn a whole set of skills to find your dog. We want to help you and by helping you, we work toward a No-Kill nation. We want rescues and shelters to see that the dogs in their shelters are not all dumped, but many are fiercely loved and their families just need the tools and support to effectively search for them.

  • What we do:

  • Please file a lost or found dog report by going to the following link:


    HelpingLostPets will send you a link to a downloadable flyer for your dog. We will also get the flyer and we will post it and contact you. You will get the flyer immediately, but our volunteers only post from 8 AM to 10 PM. Good luck! Follow all of our tips we will be sending and NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!

    HelpingLostPets.com and “Lost Dogs of Texas” do not endorse any tiered services which initially offer a free flyer, but add on fees for additional services of questionable value. All of our services are FREE. You can do a better job by following our tips than you can by paying some company to look for your dog. All you are paying for is the feeling that you have done everything you could. Very few companies actually contact who they claim to contact. Ask for a list of who they have contacted and double-check. You know someone has been contacted only if YOU make the contact.

  • Our Mission:

  • Reunite dogs with their families

    Show that most dogs are lost not “dumped”

    Educate the public on effective methods of finding lost dogs

    Work toward a No-Kill Nation by showing the importance of